Company Profile
Natureā€¦ a word that possess a magical touch. It nurtures, nourishes, nitrifies life. With an aim to provide raw material that extends the rich heritage of herbal remedies we, at Shree Ambika Naturals Pvt. Ltd., enable healing.. We, at SANL, understand the growing demands of the market and thus,
Why Us
Shree Ambika Natural Pvt Ltd. is a part of Vipul Dye chem Ltd, a public limited company, established in year 1974, having presence in more than 42 conutries. So while interacting with us, all your concerns are taken utmost care. With the Growth of 20-25% since last few years, Group has a mission to establish a strong

Herbal Extracts
With Herbal Extracts as a core product we Showcase a wide range of product line under this head.
These are plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties.

Essential Oils
These are natural oils produced from the flower, leaf, fruit and bark used for Cosmetics and Personal care.
Oleoresins are mainly used as flavouring agent in food processing industry because of most economical, quality concern & much cleaner than rest of the equivalent ground spices.
Natural Colours
Extracted in the most purest form,from plant, fruits and vegetable with wide use in Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Beverages.

Food Colors/Lake Colors
These are synthetic products, used widely for Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Dairy Products, Animal feed and Snack food.